Portland Guitar Lessons

Portland Guitar Studio Policies

Monthly Tuition Plan

Monthly Fees. Students pay a monthly fee of $100 for four 30-minute lessons per month, $120 for four 45-minute lessons per month or a monthly fee of $220 for four 90-minutes lessons per month.

Monthly Tuition. Payment for monthly tuition is due at the time of the last lesson of the preceding month. Lesson cycles for all monthly students start at the beginning of each month, therefore when a new student begins mid-month, their first month of tuition is prorated.

Monthly Lesson Slot. Tuition is for one recurring lesson slot per week. If you can’t come to your lesson on a particular week, you may request a makeup lesson. This is offered at the discretion of the instructor.

Periodic or Bi-monthly Lesson Option

Periodic Lessons. Students may use the Calendar page to book a lesson at any time. The current rate per 45-minute lesson is $45, and $75 for a 90-minute lesson. The same cancellation/makeup policy applies; students are responsible for attending the lesson and if they cannot for any reason, a makeup is offered at the instructor’s discretion.

Missed lessons, cancelled lessons, and un-enrollment

Makeup Lessons. If a student needs to miss their lesson, a minimum of 24-hours notice is required in order to ensure a makeup lesson. In the event that a makeup lesson is granted, the student may schedule through the Calendar page on this website. Makeup lessons are offered on a limited basis, and can be granted no more than 2 times in a single month, or 3 times throughout a two-month span.

Teacher cancellation. There are times in which the teacher must cancel a lesson, in which case you are entitled to partial monthly credit or a makeup for any missed lessons. The teacher will make a good-faith effort to give a minimum of one week’s notice for cancelled lessons. In the case of illness or emergency, less notice may be given.

Un-enrolling. Students enrolled in monthly tuition plans may cancel enrollment at any time; however, no refunds can be issued for any unattended lessons, and the notice to cancel must be made at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the month. Please let the teacher know if you need to stop taking lessons; if you do not provide 7 days notice, you will be billed for the upcoming month.

Special scheduling circumstances

5-week months. Tuition rate is for four lessons per month, however, some months have a fifth week. In this event, tuition will be raised by $30 for that month for 45-minute lessons and $55 for 90-minute lessons. As per the above tuition policy, the adjusted tuition for that month is to be paid on the last lesson day of the previous month.

Bad weather days. If a state of emergency is declared or if public transportation is closed due to weather, we may cancel lessons to ensure the safety of our students. Lessons cancelled due to weather are subject to the aforementioned makeup policy.


Tuition increases. Each January, we reassess tuition rates and make adjustments as necessary. Tuition rates will never increase by more than 10%.