Portland Guitar Lessons

Lessons With Lee

In our first lesson, we discuss your musical interests and aspirations, which helps me construct a personally tailored lesson plan. In guitar lessons for beginners, we quickly begin tackling topics like how to hold the guitar and nail down basic chords. Within the first few lessons, you’ll begin learning your favorite songs. In more advanced lessons, we study scales, chord progressions, music theory and listening skills.


Whether you want to learn jazz and blues guitar or play your favorite songs by the campfire, I have a lesson plan for you.


Regardless of age, technical ability or ambition, each of my students receives the same one-on-one attention and a course of study, designed exclusively for them. Every student has a unique set of musical interests and abilities, and I aspire to cultivate each of their excitements in each and every lesson.


Click here to let me know what type of guitar you’re interested in learning.

Lesson Services Offered:

Regular weekly sessions:

  • Weekly 45-minute lessons are $120 per month.


  • Weekly 90-minute lessons are $220 per month.

Note: For weekly sessions, payment is due on the last week of the previous month, and secures that student’s designated lesson time for the following month.

Periodic or bi-weekly sessions:

  • Occasional 45-minute lessons are $45 per lesson.


  • Occasional 90-minute lessons are $75 per lesson.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners:

  •  When you first start out with the guitar, choosing the right teacher can be challenging. We remove the risk by offering your first lesson at no charge. Get in touch here, and we’ll get back to you with information about your free first lesson.